We’ve made it simple & intuitive to get started on ProBo and be part of the new crowd powered generation of young businesses.

Follow the steps below;

Register your details

As well as all the normal registration details we all get asked for ie; name, email, date of birth etc we’re asking you to include details about what it is you do, what your particular skills are and where you’ve worked.

This is a really important bit so that other ProBo members can gain a clear understanding of your professional background and how you can best interact with each other.

You only need to complete this once so please include as much as you can.


Personal profile page

Once you have completed your registration all of this information will be included in your unique personal profile page, which will be available for other ProBo members to view.

As you engage with other members on the site, your profile page will build & grow to include an overview of your ProBo activity, as well as the personal rating you build up.

You can of course edit your profile page at any time.


Main dashboard

This is where you will the see most of the live interaction on the site. As well as being able to post your own ProBit requests, you will be able to scroll down through the main dashboard feed to see requests from other members who need your help, expertise and a few moments of your time.

You will also be able to see specially highlighted ProBit requests that may be most relevant to your own skills and experience. When you see a question that you can answer please don’t be shy about offering help. ProBo is all about collaboration, and the few minutes you spend helping to lift someone else’s business is likely to make all the difference!


My ProBits page

This page will include a detailed overview of the ProBits that you’ve got involved with, either publicly or privately, and will include solved ones that are no longer live but have hopefully made a real difference to yours or someone else’s business.


Messaging function

Sometimes ProBits will be simple & straightforward. They can be answered on the main dashboard feed, and both members will be happy for the conversation to take place in the public arena. However, at other times one of you may prefer to continue the conversation in private and you can therefore make use of the private messaging function within the site.

Once the ProBit has been solved, you can then decide whether it should be posted back onto the public feed.


Reviews and ratings

Once a ProBit has been solved, both of you will be asked to rate the experience.

This is not a test and hopefully it will all be good, but please be as honest as possible when doing this to help future members decide on who to engage with for their own ProBits.