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Professional peer-to-peer advice from experts in the small business community

What is ProBo?

ProBo is the professional peer-to-peer business network on hand to help & provide advice on your most challenging business issues; for free.

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Who are the ProBo Community?

  • ProBo members are professionals from a wide variety of sectors within the startup & small business community, experts on hand with the skills you need exactly when you need them.

Why ProBo?

It’s simple, ProBo is the only professional peer-to-peer platform, created to help small businesses lift each each other through the sharing of expert help & advice.

Small Businesses

We believe that business success should be predicated upon attitude & talent rather than financial circumstance.


We encourage members to take a balanced approach to giving & receiving help through the spirit of paying it forward.


Members come from a wide range of professional sectors, ensuring everyone has access to the expertise they require.

A new way to share knowledge & expertise

We aim to provide a professional peer-to-peer environment that enables users to access vital help when they need it most, whilst paying it forward through their own knowledge & experience.

How it works

How ProBo works?

We’ve made it simple & intuitive to get started on ProBo & be part of the new crowd powered generation of young businesses.

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